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Dissapearing toothache

The toothache is an alarm for each person that it is high time to visit a specialist. Oftenly we tend to avoid the dentist, hoping that the ache is momentary and the medicine will do the job. Indeed, such situations happens when the occurring pain can disappear momentarily, but such situation... zobacz

Myotherapy - the gymnastics of masticatory muscles

The term myotherapy means muscle work out, with the intention of harmonizing the exercises of chosen muscle groups, reinforcing tensions and strength of hypotonic muscles (for which there is diminished muscle tension) and hypertonic relaxation (for which there is increased muscle tension). In... zobacz

The outcomes of tooth extraction

Relatively few individuals think about the outcomes of leaving gaps after the extraction of a tooth without filling. It is worth to understand that the teeth are a sort of platform supporting the facial soft tissues and muscles. The further plan after the extraction is essential. The patient... zobacz

Innovative caries treatment - Ozone therapy

Scientific advancement that has been made lately in the field of dentistry, influenced the formation of ground-breaking systems for caries treatment - with the utilization of KaVo HealOzone. The treatment can be described as painless and effective. It depends on the utilization of bactericidal... zobacz