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Wisdom teeth

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Wisdom teeth also called eights are the third molars. They develop later, when compared with the other teeth. It is normally the time when we grow older and reach maturity, i.e. somewhere around 17 and 25 years old. This space is only contractual, in light of the fact that there are cases where wisdom teeth develop in the mouths of much more mature individuals, or do not develop at all. Usually it is a long and steady process, in addition it is painful. Because of the area where eights appear, which is situated at the back of the mouth, access to them is restricted, in this manner the brushing turns out to be more troublesome.

Bad oral hygiene around there may cause the development of caries or bacteria what could result in tooth decay. Because patients usually see the problem when it’s too late, the specialists frequently fail to save eights. It is imperative that dental caries did not move to other teeth. In this way, numerous individuals choose extraction - however you ought to dependably talk about this with your dentist or a dental surgeon. Because of the way that eights muscularly stuck in the dental arch the teeth extraction looks like a surgery.

The operation is performed with a local anesthesia. The socket is eviscerated from the tooth pieces and if the injury is substantial, we utilize bone grafting to fill the blank space, which impacts the improvement of healing of the wound. At that point stitches are put and withdrawn after 7 days after the operation. After the extraction we ought to take after the doctors instructions and completely quit smoking cigarettes and drinking for no less than three days.