Myotherapy - the gymnastics of masticatory muscles

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Myotherapy - the gymnastics of masticatory muscles


The term myotherapy means muscle work out, with the intention of harmonizing the exercises of chosen muscle groups, reinforcing tensions and strength of hypotonic muscles (for which there is diminished muscle tension) and hypertonic relaxation (for which there is increased muscle tension). In dentistry and orthodontics, these exercises correlate with masticatory muscles that are particularly used during the process of communication. The muscles play a critical part during grinding.

All parts of the stomatognathic system rely on their smooth working. Usually dysfunctions of masticatory muscle lead to the creation of occlusion and the other way around. Restoring the best possible operation of these muscles is essential for accomplishment of the prosthetic and orthodontic treatment and additionally prevention and mouth rehabilitation. Stretching this muscles may be either dynamic or passive. Dynamic involvement in muscle gymnastics is a methodical, cognizant tensing and relaxation of our muscles, as suggested by a specialist. In the second case the muscles are subjected to the activity of mechanical powers resulting from wearing the braces. Myotherapy can be utilized as a part of treatment of negligible malocclusion or constitute a stage occurring before establishment of braces.

Occasionally, it is prescribed as a part of bruxism treatment or as a part of treatment after oncological treatment - of the masticatory system. Myotherapy is particularly advised for kids who breathe in an irregular way by mouth (to correct the orbicularis oris muscle), and in addition for different irregularities connected to occlusion, cross-bite occlusion, deep occlusion, open-bite occlusion. Moreover, it is suggested for individuals who experience the ill effects of lateral displacement of the mandible and malocclusion. Thanks to myotherapy it is plausible to get a proper occlusion, however systematics and the early start of treatment is of utmost importance.